Andrés de la O Jiménez

Andrés de la O Jiménez

I'm Andrés de la O, a Marketing and Advertising Technologist, Digital Strategist and Hotstreet's Cofounder in UK and MX. Listed on 30 under 30 México 2017 and Tech London Advocate.

andres @   @aojsamurai


  • Lead Tech Innovation, FCB
    Foster a culture of innovation by establishing a technological foundation to improve efficiency. Working with global teams in Berlin, Brazil and Chicago.
  • Chief Operations Officer, Hotstreet México & United Kingdom
    I oversaw all business-facing areas. In two years the team boosted operations opening offices in London with a remote team of 5 people.
  • Project Manager, Noir
    Led a team of 12 people to the successful creative and technical development of new media products.
  • Senior Digital Designer, FCB
    Originally hired as digital designer, led digital projects for clients including Banorte, Bimbo and Liverpool.
  • Digital Coordinator, Imagia
    Main developer and digital designer for brands like Michelin, Accor, Novotel and ibis, Ford.

Skills & Competences

  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Micromanaging
  • Future focused
  • International management
  • Pitching
  • Critical thinking
  • Resiliency
  • Motivator & leader
  • Hard-working
  • Creativity
  • Persuasive


  • Digital Design Bachelor’s degree
    ICONOS Instituto de Investigación en Comunicación y Cultura
  • Digital Invaders XI
    Educational program from GrupoW, Saltillo Coahuila.
  • Standard Certification as Instructor EC0217.
  • Business management Undergraduate Degree


  • Listed on 30 under 30's Mexico 2017
  • 1st Place Twitter API Ads LATAM
    Twitter, San Francisco.
  • 2015 Cohort
    Collider Accelerator, London.
  • 1st Place Google Developer Bus
    México and San Francisco.
  • 1st Place Startup of the Year
    IE Venture Day by IE Business School.
  • 1st Place Camp Fire
    Venture Forth Program, TechRanch Austin, Texas.
  • Speaker at Social Media Day Uruguay
    Talk: Storycrafting. Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • 1st Batch Startup México

Most Proud Of

  • Courage I had to lead and launch the company in London without investors or guarantees.
  • Hotstreet's growth from a small project to clients in more than 4 countries in Europe and America.
  • Persistence & Loyalty I showed despite the hard moments and my willingness to stay with the agency Imagia when it almost went bankrupt.
  • Lead Hotstreet to be formally acknowledged by Twitter as "Being Awesome", first place Twitter API Ads Partner for LATAM and being part of the global group of selected partners.
  • Inspiring students and people in tech, seeing how they are becoming a reference in their industries.


Google Data Studio  |  Power BI  |  Trello  |  Slack  |  Asana  |  Adobe Suite  |  Audacity  |  Git  |  Sublime Text  |  Sony Vegas  |  Maya  |  Airmail  |  Google Cloud  |  MS Office  |  Jquery  |  PHP.


B2B & B2C Marketing  |  Advertising  |  Technology  |  Startups  |  Digital Media  |  Rapid Prototyping  |  Project Management  |  Trendspotting  |  Buisness  |  SaaS  |  Public Speaking  |  Data  |  Video games.


Languages: Spanish and English IELTS British Council (C1)  |  Birthdate: 15 / July / 1987.  |  Nationality: Mexican.  |  Marital Status: Single.

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