Andrés de la O Jiménez

Andrés de la O Jiménez

Andrés de la O, Strategist & Technologist in the UK, Mexico and Brazil. Listed on 30 under 30's México 2017 & Tech London Advocate. My expertise includes Digital Strategy & Media, Product Management, Data & Software Development.

andres @   @aojsamurai


  • Creative Strategist, Bizsys. 2019
    Plan and develop creative projects for brands and creative agencies that will drive business impact. Develop and pitch ideas to clients as well as teaming with other agencies or clients to find solutions. Responsible for planning from Proof of concepts to Final Product.
  • Tech Innovation, FCB. 2017-19
    Foster a culture of innovation by establishing a technological foundation to improve efficiency. Working with global and local brands on Innovation and Digital Strategy.
  • Chief Operations Officer, Hotstreet México & United Kingdom. 2014-17
    I oversaw all business-facing areas. In two years the team boosted operations opening offices in London with a remote team of 5 people.
  • Project Manager, Noir. 2014
    Led a team of 12 people to the successful creative and technical development of new media products.
  • Senior Digital Designer, FCB. 2012-14
    Originally hired as digital designer, led digital projects for clients including Banorte, Bimbo and Liverpool.
  • Digital Coordinator, Imagia. 2011-12
    Main developer and digital designer for brands like Michelin, Accor, Novotel and ibis, Ford.


  • Technology & Trends
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive Media
  • Product Management
  • Digital Investment
  • C-level Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Design
  • Software Development
  • Future Focused
  • Critical Thinking
  • Speaker & Pitching
  • Motivator & Leader
  • Resiliency


  • Digital Design Bachelor’s degree
    ICONOS Instituto de Investigación en Comunicación y Cultura
  • Digital Invaders XI
    Educational program from GrupoW, Saltillo Coahuila.
  • Standard Certification as Instructor EC0217.
  • Business management Undergraduate Degree


  • Listed on 30 under 30's Mexico 2017
  • 1st Place Twitter API Ads LATAM
    Twitter, San Francisco.
  • 2015 Cohort
    Collider Accelerator, London.
  • 1st Place Google Developer Bus
    México and San Francisco.
  • 1st Place Startup of the Year
    IE Venture Day by IE Business School.
  • 1st Place Camp Fire
    Venture Forth Program, TechRanch Austin, Texas.
  • Speaker at Social Media Day Uruguay
    Talk: Storycrafting. Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • 1st Batch Startup México

Most Proud Of

  • Courage I had to lead and launch the company in London without investors or guarantees.
  • Hotstreet's growth from a small project to clients in more than 4 countries in Europe and America.
  • Persistence & Loyalty I showed despite the hard moments and my willingness to stay with the agency Imagia when it almost went bankrupt.
  • Lead Hotstreet to be formally acknowledged by Twitter as "Being Awesome", first place Twitter API Ads Partner for LATAM and being part of the global group of selected partners.
  • Inspiring students and people in tech, seeing how they are becoming a reference in their industries.


Google Data Studio  |  Power BI  |  Trello  |  Slack  |  Asana  |  Adobe Suite  |  Audacity  |  Git  |  Sublime Text  |  Sony Vegas  |  Maya  |  Airmail  |  Google Cloud  |  MS Office  |  Jquery  |  PHP.


B2B & B2C Marketing  |  Advertising  |  Technology  |  Startups  |  Digital Media  |  Rapid Prototyping  |  Project Management  |  Trendspotting  |  Buisness  |  SaaS  |  Public Speaking  |  Data  |  Video games.


Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English IELTS British Council (C1)  |  Nationality: Mexican.  |  Skype:

Contact me andres at andresdelao dot com