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Hi there! I'm Andrés de la O, a Marketing Technologist, Digital Strategist and also Hotstreet's Cofounder in UK & MX.

Listed on 30 under 30's Mexico 2017. I'm mainly passionate for three disciplines: Business, Technology & Design.

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Working at independent (Noir) and corporate (FCB) advertising agencies as well as helping brands with Droga5 to improve the way they operate in this fast-speeding world.

So far I have proven experience as Chief Operations Officer, Project Manager, Creative Technologist, Ads Manager and Business Intelligence, Digital Designer Senior and Speaker.

In my first year at FCB, we set México as tech and innovation leader.

Also, I Cofounded Hotstreet, a #MadTech solution of hyperlocal campaigns, where I was leading the business in UK and México, and growing my Startup Mindset.

I'm actively involved with Tech London Advocates, Hackers/Founders México and Digital Invaders.

These are some of the achievements I have made:

  • Listed on 30 under 30's Mexico 2017
  • 1st Place Twitter API Ads LATAM Partner, SF
  • 1st Place Startup of the Year. IE Business School
  • 1st Place Google Developer Bus, SF
  • 1st Place Camp Fire. Tech Ranch, TX
  • Collider Accelerator. 2015, UK
  • 1st Batch Startup México. 2014, MX
  • Speaker at Social Media Day Uruguay

Interested in technology from an early age, I have devoted much of my life to advertising. I was drafted as Digital Invader XI at GrupoW , I have been an instructor to schools such as ICONOS where I got my Digital Design Degree. I love learning, sharing and meeting new people, that's the coolest thing I've got from some events where I've been invited to talk like the Social Media Day Uruguay.

Prior to my current roles, I started my career as a digital designer and have enjoyed transitioning my love of web design into business and project management. Today i love being involved with startups, businesses and hunting new clients.

Off and on i help other startups and projects as a mentor, developer or designer, I would love to talk about your next big idea. Give me a shout.

Andrés de la O Jiménez

Andrés de la O Jiménez

I'm Andrés de la O, a Marketing and Advertising Technologist, Digital Strategist and Hotstreet's Cofounder in UK and MX. Listed on 30 under 30 México 2017 and Tech London Advocate. What's next? Email me or, if you know someone who might be interested,

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Contact me at andres@andresdelao.com

  @aojsamurai   Andrés de la O