Andrés de la O.

Strategist. Product Manager & Technologist.

Currently Strategist @Bizsys. Formerly Tech Lead @FCB, and COO - Product Manager @Hotstreet, with offices @Droga5. Listed on 30 under 30's Mexico 2017 with proven experience in advertising and tech companies in the UK, Mexico and Brazil.

Andres de la O Jimenez

With +9 years of experience helping brands with go-to-market digital strategies and craft large scale solutions, my expertise includes Digital Strategy & Marketing, Product Management, Data & BI, e-Commerce, Design and Software Development.

Awards & Recognitions


  • - Listed on 30 under 30's. Mexico, 2017.
  • - Collider Accelerator. United Kindom, 2015.
  • - 1st Place Twitter API Ads LATAM Partner. San Francisco, 2016.
  • - 1st Place Startup of the Year, IE Business School. Mexico, 2015.
  • - 1st Place Camp Fire, Tech Ranch. Texas, 2014.
  • - 1st Place Google Developer Bus. San Francisco, 2013.


Diverse projects I enjoyed doing the most.


Brands I worked with


Kinder Surprise
Liverpool FC
Reckitt RB

Published works



I'm a member of Tech London Advocates, Digital Invaders and Startup Mexico where I help others as a mentor, developer or designer.


Tech London Advocates Collider Accelerator Startup Mexico Digital Invaders

Languages & Skills


English (Excellent Command. IELTS British Council C1)
Portuguese (Command in spoken)
Spanish (Native)

Innovation | Project Managing | Media Planning | Google Ads | Facebook Business Manager | Analytics | Public Speaking | Design Thinking | SCRUM | Google Data Studio | Power BI | Trello | Slack | Asana | Adobe Suite | Audacity | Git | Sublime Text | Sony Vegas | Maya | Airmail | Google Cloud | MS Office | Front End | Jquery | PHP | VR | AR | Innovation.

Andres de la O

Andrés de la O Jiménez

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